Thursday, April 21, 2011

If money was no object...

I spend a fair amount of time trolling YouTube for videos when I am thinking about picking up some new piece of equipment.  There's a lot of decent information ranging from professional to some dude in his basement hacking out tunes.  At any rate, after wasting too many hours clicking through pedal demos I came across this thing:

Its almost like a multi-effect pedal with the immediate adjustability of a conventional stomp box.  I'm sure 90% of what it can do is totally inappropriate for "normal music," but what a great toy!  I'm not sure how it interacts with bass, but since it's a digital effect generator/computer, it probably doesn't really care what creates the incoming signal.  Check it out in action:

I had never heard of WMD before bumping into this video, and I wish I hadn't.  They have a bunch of really cool, really expensive effects.  So much for bottom feeding...

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