Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Danelectro FAB Overdrive Pedal

All of the generic criticisms I had about the FAB Chorus apply to this pedal, so go read the first paragraph of that review and then come back here.

The FAB Overdrive is pretty straight forward.  The Level control jacks up the output level.  The Tone control adds high end punch, or takes it away depending on how you set it.  The O.D. controls the amount of overdrive (duh).  This pedal isn't made for bass, but its not not-made-for-bass either.  It is kind of an all over effect, more akin to a outright distortion.  It could also work as an (almost clean) volume boost pedal if you keep the Tone and O.D. under control and just crank up the level.

This pedal got bumped from my board by the TS9B, though I don't really think its fair to compare the two.  At one-eighth the cost of the Tube Screamer, I'd say its about half as good.  Maybe even better than half.  Definitely not as flexible, but is has some sweet spot settings that will get the job done.

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