Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How to set up the Whammy effect on the Digitech BP80

I use the internet a lot, but until recently I never really added anything back into the digital hive mind.  I had internet guilt. Always taking and never giving anything back in return.  The main reason I started this blog was to try and return the balance to my internet karma.

Or some crap.

Anyway, Blogger shows you the google searches that end up as hits on your blog, and one of them was "how to set up whammy on digitech bp80?"  I thought that was something I could do, so here it is:

My very own YouTube channel and everything.  If you own one of theses pedals and don't have the manual, get it here.  They pack so many things into each channel, you won't have any idea what the abbreviations mean without it.  And just to elaborate on the the Whammy setting, it has 9 different options, and is found under the "Chorus/Mod" section.  Here they are, straight from the manual:

Y1 = Whammy Octave Up (I use this in the second part of the video)
Y2 = Whammy 2 Octaves Up
Y3 = Whammy Octave Down (I use this in the first part of the video)
Y4 = Whammy 2 Octaves Down
Y5 = Harmony Bend minor 3rd / major 3rd Up
Y6 = Harmony Bend 2nd / major 3rd Up
Y7 = Harmony Bend 3rd / 4th Up
Y8 = Harmony Bend Octave Up
Y9 = Harmony Bend Octave Down

In the video I had my Tube Screamer running and probably shouldn't have.  The straight whammy functions (Y1-Y4) are pretty decent. You can hear how the octave down really bottoms out, and 2 octaves down just disappears, especially if you are starting with a low note to begin with.  No 808-grade sub-audible boom unfortunately. I wish it did a better job maintaining the level of the post whammied sound on the octave down.  Octave up doesn't have the same issue.  The harmony bend (Y5-Y9) keeps the original note, and then overlaps it with the whammied note.  In general I thought these sounded bad/muddy, though the harmonic bend octave up or octave down could have potential.  Hope that helps.

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