Sunday, May 15, 2011

Prelude to the Danelectro FAB Pedal Review

When I started my pedalboard project, I had the two multi-effect pedals I reviewed previously (Zoom 506 Bass and the DigiTech BP80) and two guitar pedals from when I was messing around with guitar (Boss BF-2 Flanger and Boss MT-2 Metal Zone).  Two dedicated pedals I wanted were a Chorus and an Overdrive.  Since this was an experiment originally on the cheap, I popped over to Musician's Friend and found that Danelectro made some inexpensive pedals that got pretty decent reviews.  So I picked them up.

I came to find out later via the internets that Stephen Ridinger, president of Evets Corporation, which owns Danelectro, donated ten grand to Proposition 8.  Had I known that before I bought these pedals, I would have gone with something else.  I know you basically can't buy anything without the money eventually getting back to people who do things that you don't agree with.  But honestly, the guy owns a music company.  Can't donate $10,000 to music programs in public schools. Can't donate $10,000 worth of instruments to School of Rock.  Can donate $10,000 so gays can't get married.  Lame.

I know this guy can do whatever he wants with his money.  It's also my prerogative to do what I want with mine.  In this case, I choose to no longer buy pedals or anything else from Danelectro, no matter how cheap they are.  Does it make any difference?  Who knows?

I have replaced the Danelectro FAB Overdrive with the Ibanez TS9B, and I am currently shopping for a replacement for the FAB Chorus. I'll still review them because I've used them.  It's not the pedal's fault that the CEO of their company is a douchebag.

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