Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tradition B-105 Bass

I've talked a lot over the past couple months about pedals, and I thought it was time to get back to an axe.  I am definitely a metal guy, and metal - at least modern metal - means down-tuning.  So a couple years ago I got a 5-string to mess around with.  I checked Craigslist and a guy ten minutes from my house had a 5-string for sale.  I wasn't familiar with Tradition at the time, but I looked them up online:  retail was $525, and this guy was asking $200.  So I bought it and had it set up at a local guitar shop.

I learned a lot with this bass.  Most importantly, I learned I don't really like 5-strings.  The neck just seems too wide and annoying.  I think if I end up actively playing more down-tuned music, I'll look into getting a four string tuned BEAD.  I also don't think I'm too wild about the GHS Bass Boomers the shop strung it up with.  They're too boomy.  Go figure.  A friend of mine works at Gore and hooked me up with a set of Elixirs, which I will string this thing up with some point and see if I like them better.  But all that is more about my personal preferences and not so much about this particular bass.

Quick features rundown:  Its got passive pick-ups and a bolt-on neck.  It's got three controls that are described as separate volume controls for each pick-up, but I don't think that is correct.  I think a more accurate description is two volume controls (the two closest to the neck) and a tone control (by the bridge).  I just mess around with them until I dial in a sound I like and go from there.  I didn't set this one up myself, but it has standard style bridge that is easy to adjust.  The pickups are definitely punchy and I think it has a good sound.  The lowest notes are all distinct and you can get a good variety of tones with the onboard controls.

As much as I like my Cat Bass, I think the B-105 was a step up in overall quality.  It doesn't hum at rest, though it does have sustain issues.  After buying the Tradition and playing with it for a while it helped solidify in my mind what I was looking for in a bass.  That will bring me to the current flagship of my bass fleet, the ESP LTD B-4E, which I will review next.



  2. How would your compare it to a ibanez gsr200 bass.