Friday, August 12, 2011

BOSS MT-2 Metal Zone Pedal

This pedal is a relic from my playing around with guitar days, and is not a pedal intended for bass.  After doing not too much looking online, I discovered that the MT-2 is a pedal people either love or hate.  I try to not get all emotional about my electronics. I've probably had this pedal for fifteen years, and I dropped over $100 for it at the time.  Nowadays you can pick one up pretty cheap on eBay.  If you are looking for a flexible fuzz type effect to play around with without dropping a big wad of dough, I think the MT-2 has a lot to offer.

I wasn't originally going to include it on my board because it was a "guitar" effect, but I had extra space and power supplies so on it went.  Good choice.  It has a lot of built in control in the form of six knobs, two singles (Level and Distortion), and two stacked (Hi/Low and Mid/Mid).  I'm currently using it as a sort of "fake-scooped-mids" pedal, with the bass and treble turned all the way up, the mids turned all the way down, and a moderate amount of distortion.  You could also use it as kind of a "dirty-boost" pedal by setting the EQ more normally, the distortion all the way down and up the level.  Lots of cool sounds hiding in there.  And I'm apparently not the only one who thinks this pedal has definite bass potential.  Check out this video from

Videos are worth a thousand words.  And you definitely have to say "Metal Zone" the way he does when you're talking about this pedal, preferably with a shriek of 80's hair-metal guitar from somewhere in the background.  Rock on, MT-2.  Rock on.


  1. that boss metal zone talks to my bass well!

  2. hmm i am expecting that you will review is there any problem in using this pedal with bass guitar, because i think there were quite different frequency on bass and guitar. i will wait , thank