Monday, August 1, 2011

Mayhem Festival 2011 - now with 100% less In Flames

Actual photo of Camden, NJ - 07/31/2011

I was there yesterday in Camden, along with seven million other people.  It was hot as hell.  It was loud as hell.  And there was beer.

As was my experience last year, the real show was in the parking lot.  My personal fav was Red Fang - I picked up two of their CD's and a t-shirt for good measure.  (Support your bands!)  Unearth was good, so was Machine Head, and I think Straight Line Stitch probably put on a decent show, but I only caught their last song. The big disappointment: there was no In Flames.  Apparently they cancelled their entire Mayhem tour as of yesterday because of a family crisis involving one of the band members.  I hope everything works out okay, but I sure missed seeing them play.

Main stage was better than last year I thought.  Trivium never really did anything for me, but they were alright.  It was cool to see Megadeth from a nostalgic perspective.  I was like "they have to end with Holy Wars."  And they did.  Big surprise for me was Godsmack.  Not a huge fan, but they put on an impressively good show.  Disturbed held my attention for three songs and then we decided to roll out.  A good time was had by all.

I'll try and get some pics and or videos up as soon as I can liberate them from my wife's space-phone.

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