Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rehousing a FAB Chorus Pedal - Done

Well here it is.  I plugged it in and it actually worked, though the foot switch occasionally makes an electronic pop when I hit it. Could be the switch, could be the lack of shielding.  I'll try wrapping it in aluminum foil and see if that clears it up.  It would be a shame since it does look kind of cool with the glowing LED on the inside.  I'll have to take a picture of it in the dark. Here are some other pics so you can see the layout.

- Top View -

- Bottom View -

I had ordered some knobs that looked good, but they were too big. I'm trying to think of something cool and knob-like that I could use instead of knobs - maybe little rubber balls or something.  It was a fun project, but I'm glad it is over.  I need to pick up a soldering iron of my own that is more appropriate for electronics. Speaking of that, here are a few of the sites I ordered materials from in case you want to give it a go some time:

Good for generic stuff like wire, soldering irons, etc.

Good for pedal specific parts like switches and jacks.


  1. looks great , very similar to one i`ve done with a fab echo pedal with 3 additional 100 k pots to compliment the original 2 that the pedal comes with.Did you try the foil shielding to stop the popping? did it work?

  2. Hi there.Your pedal looks great!

    I want to rehouse my danelectro FAB chorus too, but want to replace the pots also.Do you know what values are needed?

  3. Thanks! As far as replacing the pots, I'm not sure. The ones in the pedal were marked A103. I looked up that potentiometer and it said it was 10K, but it didn't look like the little ones used in pedal.