Saturday, October 15, 2011

BBF's Saturday Morning Music Video - Bolt Thrower

I really hate it when I let a week go by without posting anything, but in addition to being sick this week my family has about three dozen birthdays in October.  Plus a beer festival.  But I'm feeling better now, and nothing warms my heart quite like Bolt Thrower.  I love them.  I have all of their albums on my iPod.  I once heard them described as a pizza from your favorite neighborhood pizza joint.  It's not the best pizza in the world.  You know it, but you still love it, and you know exactly what you are going to get when you order a pizza from them.  Well I must like my pizza slow, heavy and covered in extra riffs.

I couldn't find any videos with really great sound quality, but I did find this one from the Maryland Deathfest.  Probably my only chance to see Bolt Thrower in the states and I blew it.  Still kicking myself.  This has some great shots of the band, including Jo Bench - The Queen of Death Metal Bassists.  It also has great shots of the very hard working security crew.  

Dear Bolt Thrower,

Please release another album and tour the US.  


Bass Bottom Feeder

P.S.  Here are some more videos.

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