Monday, November 21, 2011

Mastodon & Company Rock The Trocadero

The Troc!

Red Fang!

Dillinger Escape Plan!


Good show last night.  Someday I guess I should learn how to take good pictures in the dark with my camera.  These are the best ones I got.  Red Fang and Mastodon were great, but Dillinger Escape Plan still doesn't do anything for me.  Sorry guys, I tried.  One thing I'm learning is that the Trocadero is the most unnecessarily loud venue in Philadelphia.  I've been to shows at the Tower, TLA and Electric Factory and none of them leave me with ringing ears like the Troc.  (I forgot my earplugs, which didn't help.)  I don't know if it is the fact that the venue is just so small, or their PAs are old or inappropriate, or their sound guy is deaf from working at the Troc.  So here is my open letter to the Trocadero:

Dear Trocadero,
Turn your shit down.  It can still be titanically loud and balanced at the same time.  Less bass, less kick drum, so you can actually hear vocals and guitar.  I'm no sound man, but I would be happy to show you how the sound board works.  It does work, doesn't it?
Bass Bottom Feeder
P.S. And what is up with making people check their chain wallets at the door?  Is that some new Philadelphia city tax on metal shows?  Lame.  Philadelphia, you owe me $3.

Besides all that, it was still a good time.  Mastodon just got up there and played for and hour and a half.  No talking, no BS, just a solid block of woolly mammoth.  I got a blurry-ass picture of Mastodon's set list that somebody got after the show.  I'll send it to CSI and see if they can decipher it with their computer deblurrification software.  Rock!

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