Friday, January 20, 2012

In Flames & Friends Rock the Troc!

This week was a blur for some reason.  Probably because I went to a concert on Sunday night, had more beer and stayed up way later than is sensible with work the next morning.  But who cares?  Kyng and Veil of Maya sounded pretty decent, though I admit I was listening from the upstairs bar.  I don't have any history with Trivium, but they put on a competent show.  In Flames was great despite the fact that Anders sounded sick as dog.  He also confessed that they may have spent too much time at Yards Brewery earlier in the day.  His souvenir t-shirt seemed to confirm this story.  The picture above I stole from my pal over at Metal Mouth, who had the foresight to request a press pass.  You can check out some more of his pics here.  Catch the show if you can.

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